Paperless Towel v.s. Cherry Syrup

When I first heard about paperless towels my initial thought was “huh. Who would have thought? We’re going back to the good old days.” My second thought was “Despite my love of all things old, the good old days weren’t always better. I wonder if these towels actually work, and if they do, how well??” Thus an experiment was placed in motion.

The first phase of the experiment was to slap together some flannel with an I-don’t-care attitude, just to see what worked and what didn’t. Trust me, it wasn’t pretty...and barely worked to wipe up half of what I thought an actual paper towel held, let alone what a flannel paper towel should hold! Plus the layers separated and made wiping and scrubbing incredibly difficult!

Phase two involved sewing lines across the width of the towels to hold them together during use. I also learned that using any form of fabric softener reduced my towel’s ability to absorb! That made a huge difference! (Although I still didn’t use my towels as often as I should have.) Suddenly the towels went from not absorbing much, to at doing at least (if not slightly more) the same amount of work a regular paper towel would.

And yet even that wasn’t enough. Really, I didn’t want to need to stock pile the same amount of paperless towels as I would “regular” paper towels, and I sure didn’t want to do that much laundry!

Phase three proved to be the fix I was looking for! And all it took was a little water. Yep, water. While it sounds counter-intuitive, the truth is a slightly damp paperless towel will absorb liquid faster and better than a perfectly dry towel! (It has to do with capillary action, or some such scientific marvel.)

And that’s all it took! A little trial and error, a little learning, and now I love my paperless towels! Just check out how they perform in the following photos I’ve titled “paperless towel vs. cherry syrup”.



This is, in reality, a very large amount of cherry syrup...


First pass....



Second pass...still without lifting the towel, or emptying its contents.




And that's how it's done, folks!

I'll admit to not having dampened the towel enough for these pictures, so I ended up leaving behind a bit more syrup than a normal "once over" would have. But it was still a fair trial. 

For those of you interested in what happened stain-wise, everything rinsed out beautifully! That's not always the case, especially with grape juice, or dark liquids that aren't immediately rinsed out, but let's be real here. If I'd used a paper towel, it would have gone to its "grave" stained. Soooo....if a few of my towels show the evidence of their hard work I'm not going to complain!